Vendor Spotlight: Mark Ingram Atelier, Part 1

POSTED BY Ira Lippke Studios on 2016/09/14

Brides-to-be all over New York City and beyond turn to Mark Ingram Atelier for their expertise and guidance when searching for The One. By which of course we mean, the other one: the dress. At Mark Ingram, brides receive a care and attention that eases any indecision and opens the mind to other possibilities. In what can be one of the most difficult choices to make for a bride’s big day, the skilled and insightful team at the Atelier make it simpler, educational, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. We asked Mark Ingram himself and some of our brides questions about the Atelier experience. We received so much great information, we had to split it into two blog posts. So, you can expect to get more dress-picking tips and real bridal advice on Friday, right here on our blog!

Mark Ingram, Owner of Mark Ingram Atelier

What is the first question you ask a bride-to-be when she walks through your doors?

Mark: First we say congratulations! It is so important to remember this is a time to celebrate. Then we get to the questions, first and foremost is always, “What is the date of your wedding?” So much depends on the timing. Most of our gowns are made to order and each designer has a minimum amount of time required to make each dress. Bridal gowns are not truly seasonal, but I wouldn’t recommend a sleeved ballgown in August, so timing can play into style selection too.

What advice would you offer someone who’s hunting for her ideal wedding dress?

Mark: I would say to keep an open mind. Sometimes a style a bride has been fantasizing about in reality may not be what works best for them. Trust your consultant to make a few selections for you. They know what gowns work well on each and every body type. So many of our brides end up with a completely different style than what they had envisioned.

What do you think makes selecting a gown at Mark Ingram Atelier a special experience?

Mark: I honestly feel that each and every bride should not only find the perfect gown, but have an enjoyable, memorable experience from their first appointment to their final fitting. Our consultants are more like stylists, they stay with the bride through the entire process to make sure every detail is accounted for. I try to keep the Atelier experience and selection luxurious without ever being stuffy. I love to hear the laughter of a bride throughout the salon; they should be having the time of their life! Additionally, while we are not the largest of bridal salons, I strive to find the very best gowns available from the world’s top designers. I am very proud of the exclusive gowns you will find only in my Atelier.

At the end of the day, what is Mark Ingram Atelier’s number one goal?

Mark: To make sure every bride leaves happy whether or not they purchased a gown. While I cannot say this happens 100% of the time, it is a goal that my staff and I consistently strive for.


Photos by Rebecca Walker, Ira Lippke and Nathan Smith


Photos 1-3: Juliana & Tom at Grasmere Farms, by Rebecca Walker
Juliana wears Inbal Dror from Mark Ingram Atelier

Photos 4-6: Jessie & Jett at Villa des Amis, by Ira Lippke
Jessie wears Vera Wang from Mark Ingram Atelier

Photos 7-9: Kerri & Eytan at Cipriani 42nd Street, by Nathan Smith
Kerri wears Mira Zwillinger from Mark Ingram Atelier


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