Tiffany & Daniel, St. Regis, NYC

POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2017/05/31

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The average person could probably count on one hand the amount of meaningful connections they have made at a club. When Tiffany and Daniel met in Boston ten years ago, it could have been one of the more common exchanges that eventually get lost in a hazy memory of loud music and too many drinks. “We exchanged information but never saw each other again until seven years later,” shares Tiffany. “We talked every now and then but our paths never crossed or one of us was in a relationship.” Little did they know that nearly a decade of occasional texting would lead to something more significant. “Dan saw a photo of my dog I posted on Instagram and after a series of comments later, we set up a date,” Tiffany recalls. “We clicked right away and had a memorable connection that brought us back to one another,” says Daniel.

It was in 2016 that Daniel proposed, surprising Tiffany while she was visiting a friend in Miami. When he approached her on the beach she responded in surprise, “What are you doing here? You’re suppose to be home with the dogs!”

Needless to say, Tiffany said yes.

What was the first wedding planning decision you made?

Daniel: The photographer and videographer – or the venue. I can’t remember…

Tiffany: That’s actually not correct at all, he doesn’t have a clue about the first decision we made – haha. It was the venue! We looked at a ton of places before choosing the St. Regis. Each venue we looked at had a different feel, but we kept on coming back to the St Regis.

What inspired you when you were planning your day? Where did you look for ideas?

Daniel: I’ll leave this one to Tiff…

Tiffany: Blogs, friend’s weddings, Instagram, etc! It was also so helpful to look at different weddings at our venue and get ideas of what other people had done in terms of room design and florals. The Ira Lippke Studios blog helped a lot too – I would browse through weddings from our venue as well as others and pull photos of things I liked.

What details did you include to make your day personalized?

Daniel: The day was just about us and how we wanted to spend it. Everything about the wedding felt personalized. From the music we choose to process to (my choice was Tupac), the music the band played, to our ceremony, it all felt natural to who we are as a couple.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms in the midst of planning their wedding?

Tiffany: Take it all in! The good and the not so good – it goes by so quickly! Also, remember it’s about the two of you and what’s important to the both of you.

Daniel: RELAX. Regardless of how much you plan, things outside of your control are going to happen and your wedding will only be as filled with as much laughter, love, and fun, as you bring to the table. It’s the most incredible day of your life – ENJOY IT, and (try to) enjoy the process!

Which moment from your day stands out the most in your memory?

Tiffany: Our ceremony and especially our vows we wrote. The day was hectic, there was a lot going on, and to finally be in front of your husband surrounded by your friends and family, it was very special.

Daniel: Our vows – the single most emotional and memorable moments of my entire life.

Photos by Joanna Toto


Planning: Laura Remmert Pitti
Cake: Lulu Cakes
Catering: St. Regis
Dress: Vera Wang
Floral Design: Renny and Reed
Hair & Makeup: Nikki Avanzino (hair) and Stephanie Perez (makeup)
Lighting: Frost Productions
Music, Ceremony: Venus Ensembles
Music, Reception: Élan Artists, Sound House
Stationery: Fourteen-Forty
Venue: St. Regis Hotel

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