Sas & Adam, Guastavino’s, NYC

POSTED BY Adam Sjoberg on 2013/05/31

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Nine month’s ago I had the pleasure of shooting Scott & Ali Simon’s wedding. It was such a blast, so I was, of course, excited that I got to hang out with Scott’s family again and shoot his twin brother’s wedding this past weekend. Adam & Sas (along with Ali & Scott) have become friends over the past year and it was no surprise that this was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot. Even the slight drizzling rain we had didn’t stop us from getting some amazing dramatic and fun pictures at Guastavino’s and Grand Central Station. Congrats to Adam & Sas!

Also – check out Sas’s feature film “So Funny” that just received funding on Kickstarter and begins production in 2 weeks:

Photography by Adam Sjöberg, Joanna Toto & Rebecca Walker


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