Ritual Images, Image Journal, Issue 88

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2016/05/23

If you’ve visited our studio recently, you may have been surprised by the images that line our walls. Naked figures covered in brightly colored pigment and children braiding their father’s hair are depicted in large-scale art prints—a far cry from the luxurious and stylish weddings you’d probably expect to see. The photos are part of an art series titled Autobiographs created by our own Ira Lippke in an effort to revisit his formative childhood memories of being raised in tents and buses amid the damp forests of the Pacific Northwest.

While it’s true that Autobiographs and the work our artists do here at ILS look vastly different, the heart of it is the same. We strive to tell stories, capture family connections and document pivotal life moments. In the most recent issue of Image Journal, Ira’s Autobiographs are reviewed and reflected upon by author Nicole Miller, who herself examines the connection between the series and our wedding photography. “It’s fascinating to see how someone else interprets my work,” says Ira. “I’ve been evolving this art project since 2007 so it’s gratifying to be the subject of such careful and intelligent analysis.”

You can find the essay on Image Journal’s website, here. To view more of Ira’s fine art photography, visit his website at www.iralippke.com.

The series is on view now at our studio, where all are welcome to visit. Email us at info@iralippkestudios.com if you’d like to arrange a time to experience Autobiographs in person.




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