Reuben’s Arctic Photo Residency

POSTED BY Reuben Hernandez on 2014/08/06

One of our studio filmmakers, Reuben Hernandez, just returned from a wild adventure in the Arctic. Here he shares a bit about his trip:

In late July, I returned to NYC from a 5 week photo residency on board an expedition ship in the Arctic, approximately 600 – 800 miles from the North Pole. It’s difficult to describe my experience in the Arctic, but I definitely have a greater appreciation for our planet. I will leave you with this quote by Paul Nicklen, a National Geographic photographer and biologist:

“I want to bring back images of this remote, raw, unforgiving, beautiful, and yet extremely fragile world to you. I want you to care about these regions as much as I do, and I hope to inspire you to help avert the warming trend that is changing them quickly and irreversibly.”

Scroll through some of his incredible images here, then head to his website for more:

Photos by Reuben Hernandez


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