Reuben Hernandez | 20 Emerging Cinematic Artists to Watch

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2014/10/29

We are proud to announce that one of our filmmakers, Reuben Hernandez, has been selected by the editors of PDN and Rangefinder as one of the 20 best up-and-coming cinematic artists to watch! Reuben said he is incredibly honored to be highlighted, especially since he looks up to some of the other filmmakers on this list.

Here is the great write-up from their site:

Reuben Hernandez loves to experiment with different esthetics, integrating time-lapse photography, slow motion, aerial cinematography and footage shot with super 8mm film stock to create his visual stories. “I always try to approach each project with the aim to make it as beautiful, unique, and compelling as possible,” he says. Hernandez is one of three wedding filmmakers on staff at Ira Lippke Studios in New York, but he has also produced work for clients such as the Discovery Channel, Google, NBC, Harper’s Bazaar, Oakley and Victoria’s Secret. He is the first to admit that he couldn’t have produced quality work without the help of talented collaborators: “I’ve realized through experience that it just takes a lot of hard working people to create a beautiful and compelling film.”

The above film is Jessie and Scott’s wedding film teaser; one of Reuben’s films featured on their site.

Congratulations Reuben!


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