Rachel & Daniel – Trailer, Metropolis Country Club, NY

POSTED BY Reuben Hernandez on 2015/11/23

For better or for worse took on new meaning on Rachel & Daniel’s wedding day. Daniel endured a dental injury the night of their wedding – the result of a dancing accident between the groom and a friend (boys will be boys!). Watching this teaser of their wedding film, you’d never guess! Rachel noted that, though Daniel went through the evening sans a tooth,”We had the best time at the after party.”

Fortunately, Daniel was able to to have the tooth repaired the next morning, mid-way through their post-wedding brunch. When he returned to the gathering, he was greeted with a round of applause, and later embarked on his honeymoon with all pearly whites in place!

We were honored to be a part of their day, and capture all of the heartfelt emotion of it. We’re especially glad these two had a wonderful wedding day despite the slight mishap. We imagine it’s a story they’ll tell and laugh at for years to come, only making the day that more memorable.

Congratulations, Rachel & Daniel – we wish you much love & happiness!


Film by Reuben Hernandez

Additional cinematography by Jen Trahan
Super 8 mm film by Lauren Guilford
Time-lapse photography by Alexis Silver
Edited by Matthew Posorske


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