Nicola & Niko, The Jonathan Club, CA

POSTED BY Rebecca Walker on 2016/08/19

How did you meet?

Nicola: We met as freshmen in high school! Niko was one of my first new friends. We found commonality not only in our first names, but also in our interests, values, and ambitions. We remained only friends for about a year, until making our relationship “official” during sophomore year. We’ve been together ever since – truly high school sweethearts.

Is there a defining moment when you knew it was love?

Nicola: Our relationship has had a lot of love from the start. Niko took care of me when I had my wisdom teeth removed and endured a Spice Girls concert. I hand-painted him a pair of Vans shoes with one of his favorite musician’s album art and went to almost all of his tennis matches. These acts of kindness during high school laid the foundation for our relationship.

Nicola, what quality do you admire most about Niko?

Nicola: He is very caring and supportive.

Niko, what quality do you admire most about Nicola?

Niko: She is goofy and can dance and sing to any 90’s song.

What moment from your wedding day stands out the most?

Nicola & Niko: The whole day was a fairy tale. To have everyone we love from different parts of life all together to celebrate our marriage was very special to both of us.

Nicola: Walking out holding onto my mom and dad, and turning the corner to see the rooftop garden full of our loved ones was like floating on a cloud. The cherry on top was seeing Niko waiting for me with a huge smile.

Niko: The first look was perfect. I loved when I saw Nicola in her dress. She looked amazing and glowed as the star of the show.

Describe your relationship in three words.

Nicola & Niko: I Love You

What does the future look like?

Nicola: The future looks great! I will graduate from medical school in 2019 and then will begin residency. Niko will continue working in the technology sector. While the road to becoming a physician complicates family planning, we do hope to eventually start a family (corgi included) as we continue to thrive in our respective careers.


Photos by Rebecca Walker and Jason Walker


Planning: Chic to Chic Weddings
Cake: The Jonathan Club
Catering: The Jonathan Club
Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Floral & Event Design: Nicola Kronstadt
Hair: Camila Padilla
Lighting: The Jonathan Club
Makeup: Nikki Dowers
Music, Reception: Dart DJ
Stationary: Black Ink, Pacific Palisades
Venue, Ceremony: St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church
Venue, Second Ceremony & Reception: The Jonathan Club


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