Lizzie & Jon, The Plaza, NYC

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2016/09/30

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Did you learn anything about yourselves while planning your wedding?

Both: Jon is always so laid back, and he remained laid back during the whole process. Lizzie is normally high strung and extremely opinionated. But for some reason, with our wedding, Lizzie really took a back seat and did not let it stress her out. From the start, we both just wanted to be married and we knew the marriage itself would make for the best night. We think it’s important to always remember that the reason for the party is about celebrating your love and union; not about the flowers, the dress, the food, etc – those are just accents.

Do you have advice for couples who are planning their wedding?

Both: Find our event planning team – Francesca Events – and everything will be seamless! It was the most enjoyable process, thanks to them.

What moment from your wedding stands out the most in your memory?

Both: Our first dance. We practiced it for months, and we were so nervous! But we nailed it. And the second we started dancing that night all of our nerves went away. After the dancing though, the candy bar still stands out to us, and we’d really like it to reappear in our lives again!

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Both: We met when we were studying abroad in Australia in 2009.

Lizzie: The first thing I noticed about Jon was his smile. I still tell him all the time how amazing his smile is! He was (and is) just perfect looking to me. And I could tell, instantaneously, that he was incredibly genuine. My first impression proved to be right!

Jon: The first thing I noticed about Lizzie was her confidence. She was not afraid to tell me after moments of meeting how she felt about me. I felt the same way but was too scared to admit it!

Jon, what quality do you most admire about Lizzie?

Jon: Her thoughtful curiosity. Lizzie finds it very natural and easy to elevate from small talk to deeply learning about someone within minutes of meeting.

Lizzie, what quality do you most admire about Jon?

Lizzie: How do I choose one?! I admire so much about him. If I had to pick, it would be how unbelievably resourceful he is. There’s nothing he can’t make happen, I swear.

Photos by Ira Lippke and Samuel Lippke


Planning: Francesca Events
Cake: Eleni’s Cookies
Catering: CPS Events
Dress: Carolina Herrera
Floral & Event Design: David Beahm Experiences
Hair & Makeup: Once Upon A Bride, Taymour Hallal
Lighting: Bentley Meeker
Music, Ceremony: Vali Entertainment
Music, Reception: Hank Lane – Bobby Attiko Band, Vali Entertainment – DJ Martin D’Arce
Stationary: Sloane Design
Venue: The Plaza
Video: Linda Petrucci Productions

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