Katie & Ezra, Seawane Country Club, NY

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2016/12/02

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What was the easiest wedding planning decision you made?

Katie: Venue was easiest for us. The Seawane Club is such an important place to us both and filled with so many great memories. It’s where Ezra spends most of his weekends golfing, where my parents got married, and it was my grandpa’s favorite place. It was a no-brainer.

Ezra: Agree with Katie, definitely the venue. We were also pretty unanimous on the rabbi, who happens to also be my dad!

What was the most difficult?

Katie: Oh gosh, this is hard for me…we had so much fun planning the entire wedding, I would say narrowing down the food list. Too many tasty options!

Ezra: I would say narrowing down the guest list. We are both blessed to come from large families and close friends circles, so the numbers can add up pretty quickly.

Did you learn anything about yourselves or each other throughout the process?

Ezra: Absolutely. I learned that if you ever want anything done exceptionally well and efficiently, hire my wife and my mother-in-law!

Katie: This isn’t news to either of us, but I love list making! The more lists the better!

Where did you turn for ideas and inspiration?

Katie: We worked with an incredible team of people who had so many amazing ideas. Sitting in meetings and speaking to them inspired our entire wedding and we really trusted them all. The initial inspiration for the wedding came from a Botticelli painting my mom and I like (I know, somewhat unexpected!).

What advice would you offer to couples on their wedding day?

Ezra: First a very practical suggestion: For the grooms who like to dance–bring a spare shirt! You’ll sweat through the first one pretty quickly. Otherwise, try to be as physically and emotionally present as possible for each other. There will be a lot of distractions and people who are trying to vie for your attention. But remember, it’s your wedding day and you’ll want to experience it together!

Katie: Just to enjoy every second and to remember you’ll never have another night that is all about celebrating your love as a couple with everyone important to you in one room, so celebrate and have fun!

Ezra, what memory of Katie on your day stands out the most?

Ezra: This one is easy for me. Just her look of pure joy and her infectious energy while on the dance floor. Katie was dancing and jumping around for six hours straight while wearing six-inch heels. I had no choice but to keep up!

Katie, what memory of Ezra on your day stands out the most?

Katie: It’s hard for me to just pick one, there are so many standouts. Of course, the moment I first saw his handsome face walking towards me – I’d been waiting to see him all day! There was also a special moment on the dance floor when we were supposed to cut our cake, the band was going to play one of my grandpa’s favorite songs but instead of cutting the cake Ez grabbed my hand and we started dancing to the music and everyone on the dance floor joined. It was a really special impromptu moment.


Photos by Ira Lippke & Joanna Toto


Planning: Urban Art & Design
Cake: Nine Cakes
Catering: The Seawane Country Club
Dress: Naeem Khan
Floral & Event Design: SBK Events
Hair & Makeup: Beauty Mark Spa
Lighting: Fusion Lighting
Music: Element Music, Marianne Bennett Orchestra
Stationery: Paper Tiger
Video: Clark + Walker Studio

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