Kathryn & Lee, The Metropolitan Club, NYC

POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2017/05/26

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Kathryn and Lee first met at a costume party in college, and despite being fully dressed-up, their attraction to one another could not be disguised. “We looked at each other and there was definitely that instant connection that you think you only see in the movies,” recalls Kathryn.

That instant connection turned into a relationship, and a few years later on an August morning, Lee convinced Kathryn to join him for one last boat-ride before she left for her second year of medical school. Though she was exhausted, “Kate wearily and reluctantly obliged,” says Lee. With Lee leading the way, the two walked out to Coatue, a deserted sand barrier at the front of of the harbor. Lee got down on one knee and popped the question. “With two seagulls as our witnesses,” they recall.

Kathryn and Lee were married at The Metropolitan Club in March. Below, they share their wedding-planning journey.

What wedding planning decision was the easiest one to make?

Honeymoon in Morocco.

What was the most difficult?

The details of the ceremony. We had a big debate about seating in the round versus a traditional aisle. We decided that the walk down the long aisle was special, so we went traditional.

Did anything surprise you?

How calm we both were. We anticipated more nerves. We were just so happy!

What was the most unique detail at your wedding?

The awesome photo booth! It had a flamingo backdrop and guests were able to create gifs. Everyone of all ages had so much fun with it and you could tell by the photos that it was used the entire time.

Do you have any advice to share with couples who are in the throes of wedding planning?

Do not sweat any details. It’s all about the experience and the love of family and friends. If you keep that in mind it will all work out perfectly.

What moment from your day stands out the most?

Lee’s dad, Steve, presided over a traditional Jewish ceremony. Right before Lee stepped on the glass, the last line of Steve’s ceremony was, “Let us pray that however many pieces this glass will break into, so may Kathryn and Lee’s happiness be multiplied!” Lee stepped on the glass as hard as he could.


Photos by Joanna Toto and Jean-Pierre Uys


Planning: Sidekick Events
Cake & Catering: The Metropolitan Club
Dress: Pronovias
Floral & Event Design: Glorimundi
Hair & Makeup: Face Time Beauty
Lighting: Frost Lighting
Music: Starlight Orchestra
Stationery: Sloane Madueira for Day of Goods
Venue: The Metropolitan Club

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