Katharine & John, Greenwich Country Club, CT

POSTED BY Jason Walker on 2017/02/03

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How did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Katharine: No idea – sometime in early high school, most likely around halfway through 9th grade. John was very dreamy – he was in a band. Unfortunately we have no recollection of actually meeting each other. We started dating in 11th grade after being bullied into it by a mutual friend – which now we are very grateful for.

John: I think it’s pretty unique that we met too long ago to remember anything specific. I was one of the new kids in school and was lucky enough to get pulled into Katharine’s group of friends. I’m sure we bonded first over tastes in music and then more so over our disdain for the rest of the group trying so hard to set us up.

Having met at such a young age, and in many ways grown up together, what would you say is the most valuable thing you have learned from one another?

Katharine: Hockey is the best sport.

John: How to be a little more adventurous.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. What did you do before the day began to unwind and have fun?

Katharine: I blacked out that day. Just kidding, only when I walked down the aisle. We had to go to the salon pretty early since the bridal party was the size of a small army so there wasn’t time for much, but it was the best just being with my sister and all my girlfriends all day.

John: My groomsmen and I got to go bowling in the morning where only a few of the lanes were working. Katharine’s dad saved the day by fixing some of them himself and then picking up sandwiches for all of us from my favorite deli. What a hero!

There were silhouettes of a man and woman in love printed on apples at your wedding. Is there a story behind them?

Katharine: No story behind them – but there were stories behind our save the dates and the table names. We are both engineers and John is very artistic so he designed the save the date, which was an engineering drawing of our initials with the wedding date in binary. The table names were our favorite scientists with a sketch John drew of something they are known for on one side (for example, Einstein’s was the distortion of space-time) and descriptions of who they were/are on the other side with the table number. It was very impressive, he drew more than 20 of them. I think they were my favorite detail.

What memory from your day stands out the most?

Katharine: My favorite part might have been the ceremony. We had the most incredible officiant, reader, and music director. Our high school history teacher read a series of Einstein quotes about love and relativity. The reception was beautiful and at a venue very special to us. Oh and our band was so much fun – they had John riff the lyrics of “Shout” at the end of the night. It’s too hard to choose!

John: It was very special to say the vows we had written to each other and then spend the rest of the evening with everyone we love and care about all together in one place at the same time. But the best part was recessing to the Star Wars theme blaring from the pipes of the church organ!

You are newlyweds and it is a new year. Do you have any goals as a couple for 2017?

Katharine: Get a bigger apartment so we can unpack our wedding gifts.

John: Return most of our wedding gifts.

Photos by Jason Walker and Michelle Mosqueda


Planning: Lea Ann Miller
Cake & Catering: Greenwich Country Club
Dress: Judd Waddell from A Little Something White
Floral & Event Design: KD&J Botanica
Hair & Makeup: Salon O
Lighting: Social Decor
Music: Dylan Matthews Band, Hank Lane Music
Stationery: J Papers
Venue, Ceremony: Second Congregational Church
Venue, Reception: Greenwich Country Club

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