Katerina & Tommy Engagement Party, Museum of the Moving Image, NYC

POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2013/07/29

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Katerina and Tommy’s Engagement Party at the Museum of the Moving Image was superb!

The clean and open white space, angular walls, and high ceilings lent to a futuristic space-age feel, a perfect blank canvas for the blue, purple and pink lighting, eager to collide with the old world traditions that would follow.

Right after cocktails, the guests were invited to the gallery to be a kid in a candy shop: the space was a veritable playground complete with iconic movie figures encased (like Yoda) and fun hands-on devices to teach you how filmmaking / post production is done. Tommy and Katerina had a video game stand-off that I was able to capture along with a kiss they stole in the dark corner of one of the installations.

It was the best of both worlds for this young, very handsome and stylish couple. Katerina’s white Lanvin dress was edgy and elegant at the same time, it matched the museum to a T! After dinner guests promptly made their way to the dance floor, singing along and dancing to both traditional greek music and modern pop. Suddenly the Kubrick spaceship-like museum was filled with greeks flying through the air as if in zero gravity, and somehow it all felt right.


Photographed by Joanna Toto


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