Kaitlin & Sean, Westchester Country Club, NY

POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2016/08/12

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How did you two meet?

Kaitlin & Sean: We met at a “party” during our senior year of high school. A mutual friend of ours introduced us. Since neither of us knew too much about playing hard to get at 17, we quickly became close friends & started dating.

When did you know it was love?

Kaitlin & Sean: Didn’t take long, sometimes you just know!

When you think about your day, which moment comes to mind first?

Kaitlin & Sean: We ultimately decided to go the more traditional route and chose not to see each other until I walked down the aisle at the church. We were both a bit anxious about waiting to see each other until then, but it is the moment that has stuck with us the most. It was such an emotional feeling being surrounded by so much love but still able to lock in on each other. All of our nerves went away completely and neither of us could stop smiling for the rest of the night.

What kind or thoughtful gesture did someone make on your day that meant a lot to you?

Kaitlin: I have always been the more anxious one in our relationship and wedding planning was no exception. Throughout it all, Sean was the calming voice helping me not get too concerned with the details. The morning of our wedding I woke up to a text from him that made me instantly feel a sense of calm and helped keep me grounded for the rest of the day.

Sean: She (Kaitlin) wrote me the best letter I’ve ever read.

Just for fun: What do you consider Sean’s spirit animal to be? What is Kaitlin’s?

Kaitlin: Maybe a bear – he is cuddly & fun/playful but makes you feel protected and safe. Plus I don’t think he would mind the idea of hibernating through the winter.

Sean: She’s a fox!


Photos by Joanna Toto, Virginie Blachère and Michelle Mosqueda


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Dress | Carolina Herrera
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Music, Ceremony | Provided by Church of the Resurrection
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Venue, Reception | Westchester Country Club
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