Julia & Adam, The Plaza, NYC

POSTED BY Jason Walker on 2017/04/26

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On a summer night in 2012, Julia was planning on an evening at home when a friend beckoned her to meet at a bar. “The thought of going into that sweaty, smoky bar that was a 20 minute drive from my house was not so enticing,” Julia recalls – but her friend finally succeeded in convincing her and she headed out alone. Upon her arrival, Julia was introduced by her friend to a group, one by one. Adam was one of them – and they immediately felt a connection. “It was like we had known each other for a long time, but were simultaneously discovering new and exciting things as we continued to talk,” he shares. “We chatted all night long and I was lucky enough to snag a goodnight kiss.”

“I think we still argue about who initiated the first move that night but either way, that was the beginning of our love story,” explains Julia. “A smoky, sweaty bar with a 90s cover band blasting, and so many people you had to push your way through to get anywhere.”

“Like all great love stories…” Adam romantically comments.

The newlyweds were married at The Plaza in early March. We asked them about their engagement and to share their planning advice.

How did the proposal unfold?

Adam: The proposal was a bit of an elaborate scenario, involving a fake break-in to our apartment, phony cell phone numbers, and a whole lot of flowers. It really was a whirlwind emotional roller coaster!

Julia: …I almost called the police and became an emotional wreck.

In planning your wedding, what was the easiest decision to make? What was the most difficult?

Julia: Of course the easiest decision was to say yes. The most difficult for me was my dress. I probably tried close to 100.

Both: The easiest planning decision was the location. Having grown up in New York City, we wanted to get married in a place that had a lot of history, and was an iconic New York landmark. Also, both of our parents had gotten married there so we liked the sentimentality of that.

Adam: The most difficult decision was deciding on the band because we saw so many strong options! We settled on one and it was the best decision we made.

What was the best planning advice you received?

Julia: Don’t be a control freak and let people do their jobs. If you trust someone’s taste, there is no need to micromanage every step they take. Enjoy the process of planning because it goes by so quickly and it can be really, really fun. Obviously, stress is inevitable but don’t be stressed until you actually need to be (i.e., the few weeks before your wedding).

Adam: As the groom, the best advice I received was, “pick your spots.” Between our wedding planner, two mothers, and the bride, there were plenty of voices in the room. I tried to pick the areas I felt more strongly about – food, music, bar locations – and focused on those.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Julia: Maybe I would have tried to remember what it was like to walk down the aisle because I cannot remember anything from that moment – like who I saw, etc. That moment is just so filled with emotion – it is so amazing and overwhelming, but such a blur.

Adam: I would trust the process a bit more. You’re always worried about this or that, and it is just going to work out!

What moment from your day stands out the most in your memory?

Julia: Being lifted up on my brother-in-law’s shoulders and Adam on his friend’s shoulders and seeing everyone going crazy below us on the dance floor.

Adam: The first look walking down the stairs.

What advice do you have for couples on their wedding day?

Julia: Remember that your wedding day is about you and your husband/wife. Never lose sight of that and understand that a wedding means so much more than just a really fun party. Also – something will go wrong at your wedding because that is just life. Don’t dwell and focus on whatever that tiny thing is because no one cares or notices and it will ruin your big day if you do. And – stay on the dance floor! If you are on the dance floor, your party will be on the dance floor too. That was the best feeling.

Adam: Don’t get stressed out and just go with it! It’s the most fun day you can have. Oh, and drink lots of water.

Photos by Jason and Rebecca Walker


Planning: Tessler Events
Cake: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes
Catering: CPS Events, The Plaza
Dress: Vera Wang
Floral & Event Design: Stonekelly Events
Hair & Makeup: White Rose Collective
Lighting: Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging
Music, Ceremony: 12th Night
Music, Reception: Element Music, Rhythm and Vine
Stationery: Regas Studio
Venue: The Plaza

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