Joanna Toto for Jonathan Simkhai, NYC

POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2016/06/15

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Our Joanna is at it again. For Jonathan Simkhai‘s Pre-Spring 2017 Presentation, Joanna was responsible for capturing every detail and embellishment of his latest collection.

Like a wedding, a fashion shoot brings pressures of its own. “Shooting weddings has been such great preparation, emotionally and technically,” expresses Joanna. “When you know you have about 30 seconds to arrange eight models, four tables, and a waiter and take the shot.”

With a tight timeframe, and plenty of elements to pay notice, the work of a fashion photographer can present challenges – something that Joanna welcomes. She says it’s “an adrenaline rush when a challenge presents itself.” And, “It’s always worth it for The Shot.” This time, The Shot is the models sitting around tables, while a soft light illuminates the lace frocks and feathered gowns that perfectly hug their every curve and contour. 


Photos by Joanna Toto for Jonathan Simkhai


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