Joanna Toto | Between Scenes

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2014/07/03

Last week we hosted our first gallery show at our new studio in Chelsea. The exhibition, Between Scenes, featured the fashion photography of our very own studio photographer, Joanna Toto.

Below, Joanna relates how Between Scenes was created:

Between Scenes is a reference to the different nature of the two sets of photos. One set are fashion editorial photos, that which are very controlled and conceptualized. The other half are backstage during New York Fashion Week. Some of these are behind the scenes, catching a glimpse of the frenzy that occurs just before a show, and others are during the actual show or presentation, in which the viewer has no idea what is about to be unveiled.

The fashion photos were all shot as personal projects, mostly in my studio and nearby on the streets of Bushwick. The Fashion Week photos were shot for the designers. Both the fashion photos, and many of the Fashion Week photos, had a particular challenge at hand that my team and I wanted to test.

To learn more about Joanna, you can watch her bio video here.


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