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POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2014/10/03

One of our studio photographers, Joanna Toto, is a talented and accomplished fashion photographer. Just this month, she had two fashion stories, Twister and Cat’s Cradle, featured in the online magazine, AMAZING. “AMAZING is an arena for smart, sophisticated, intelligent, and visually stunning fashion stories.”

Joanna had so much fun on the Twister shoot and was impressed with the model, saying, “her ballet training really came in handy for the action shots. She was so graceful and elegant that she could turn any avant-garde item into that of romance.” We completely agree.

Playing off the well-known string game for the Cat’s Cradle shoot, the ropes provided endless creative options, inviting the models to interact with life-size string figure sequences.

Photos by Joanna Toto


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