Jessica & Pete, The Rainbow Room, NYC

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2016/07/13

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ILS: Did anything come as a surprise to you on your day?

Jessica & Pete: What came as a surprise was the amount of warmth and a deep sense of love felt throughout the day and evening — for a large wedding of over 200 people, it felt like an intimate affair, with so many loved ones under one roof. A truly rare and special thing for us!

Another surprise, for me (Jessica) personally, was an overwhelming sense of calm. As someone who can be a bit high-strung, my mom even told me that she has never seen me as calm as I was the entire day — I was able to be in the moment and enjoy EVERYTHING without a moment of worry because I’ve never been so sure of anything in my entire life as I felt about marrying Pete.

ILS: If you had to choose a favorite moment to freeze in time, what would it be?

Jessica & Pete: Overall, we have a very clear freeze time moment — for the first time, Pete and I performed together with a band, for an audience (he played the guitar and I sang). There are activities that we have both enjoyed independently throughout our lives, but performing together at our wedding was a major highlight for both of us. It brought together our passion for music and our love for each other — sharing the moment together on stage, while the entire crowd screamed “one more song,” looking at each other, is a moment that we will never forget.

ILS: What qualities do you most admire in each other?

Jessica: The qualities I most admire would be two things: 

1. His passion, for music, his family, for life — his passion is contagious and I never felt it more than being on stage together at our wedding.
2. His genuine kindness and sense of morality — he treats everyone in his life with a sense of deep caring — his strong moral compass.

Pete: The qualities I most admire would be three things: 

1. Her strength – certainly exhibited after experiencing an earthquake in Tokyo – nothing shakes her.
2. Her spirit – she has a personality like none other – she has an amazing sense of self.
3. Her kindness – she exhibits a genuine care for those around her.

Photos by Ira Lippke and Virgine Blachère


Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Rainbow Room, NYC
Event Coordination & Design: jesGORDON / properFUN
Catering: The Rainbow Room
Cake: Sylvia Weinstock Cakes
Invitations, etc.: EAF Fine Paper
Lighting: Bentley Meeker
Music: Hank Lane, Bobby Attiko Band
Dress: Vera Wang
Hair: Mia Santiago
Makeup: Sharon Becker

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