Jessica & Alex, The Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2017/02/24

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What was on your wedding day wish list?

Jessica: More than anything, I just wanted to be able to remember everything. Thankfully, we do. It was a whirlwind, but not a blur.

Alex: In the days leading up to the wedding I did have some concern that all the stress around planning might distract from us simply enjoying the day itself. However, we had a fantastic team and it all came together beautifully in the end. I had an incredible time celebrating with Jessica that day and into the night.

What was the most unique detail of your wedding?

Jessica: We wanted the wedding to be a true reflection of us, and accordingly, these details were everywhere. On our first two winter trips together, we enjoyed mulled wine everywhere we went – we served this to our guests as they came in from the cold. I lived in West Africa for three years and am crazy about their textiles. My mom lovingly transformed favorites from my collection into pillows for the cocktail area. There were purple accents everywhere – the lighting, the napkins, the flowers on our cake, and even layers of the cake – as an homage to Prince, of whom we are both massive fans. And finally, we had 80s music from start to finish.

Alex: I have a gluten allergy, and I’m not sure that all the guests knew that the entire menu from start to finish, including the cake, was gluten free. Also, we worked with the band to put together an 80s playlist and the music was definitely a reflection of our personal tastes. From the first dance until we shut down at midnight and headed over to our after-party, people were up dancing and enjoying the music.

What memory from your day stands out the most?

Jessica: The time we spent cruising the city in a yellow checker taxi while we did our creative shoot. The morning was frenzied, but we hit pause on all of that for an hour or so, took a deep breath, and could really just enjoy each other, and the clear and crisp weather we’d hoped for, during that time. That our driver Peter had sought out a list of our favorite 80s songs and had cued them up for us was a warm and wonderful bonus surprise.

Alex: There are many, but one would be our first dance. We took lessons and learned a bit of basic choreography. There was one maneuver that involved picking her up and spinning her around and since we couldn’t practice with her in the actual dress, I was worried about a wardrobe malfunction. When the first dance finished and went off without a hitch, it was certainly a great feeling of relief. I also was happy that our friends and family were into it, and we had provided a special memory for them also.

What would you say is the most valuable thing you have learned from one another?

Jessica: Alex helps me to look at things in a more objective, and often more positive light. Then of course, there’s also my capacity to adore another person. But that’s just a detail!

Alex: While we have our similarities, there are many ways in which we are quite different from each other. I think we would each agree that we’ve both learned how these differences, while requiring patience, can be highly complementary. I think both of us are glad we didn’t marry someone who is exactly like us in each and every way.

Photos by Ira Lippke and Lauren Larsen


Planning: Viva Max Weddings
Cake: Cake Alchemy
Catering: Real Food
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Floral Design: Fleurs NYC
Hair & Makeup: Stefanie Duell and Ashlee Glazer
Lighting: Tyagi
Music, Ceremony: Tribute String Quartet
Music, Reception: The Engagements
Stationery: Ipanema Press and Artful Celebrations (calligraphy)
Venue: The Angel Orensanz Foundation
Video: Clark + Walker

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