Jaclyn & Derek, Seawane Country Club, NY

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2017/02/01

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Everyone loves a great love story. What is yours?

Jackie: We’d love to say the first night we met was magical, but quite the contrary, our encounter was rather brief. We attended our mutual friend’s (now sister-in-law’s) birthday party, and seeing us in the same place, she immediately thought we would be a good match. That night, however, had its distractions. The birthday doubled as a watch party for a New York Rangers playoff game, so we shook hands and didn’t speak the rest of the night.

Derek: I may have had my eyes on the TV all night, but Jackie still left an impression. I followed up shortly after to ask her on a date. We immediately connected then and instantly became inseparable, not engaging in typical dating games. Our immediate spark was what lifted our relationship off the ground, but the deep understanding of and respect for each others’ passions and individuality continues to make our relationship so strong today.

What was your wish list for your day?

Derek: We wanted each person there to know how important they are to us, especially our families. We really wanted to create a loving and fun atmosphere for our guests with everyone on the dance floor all night. The energy that our friends and family brought was a dream come true.

Jackie: It was also really important to us to make sure to find some alone time. One of our favorite moments of the day was our first look. We chose to do this away from our bridal parties and families. Since the day is hectic and moves so quickly, it was special to take some time just us two and enjoy the excitement of the day.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?

Jackie: Our mothers love to throw a party and had a vision of a winter wonderland for the wedding. With the help of our florist, Stephen Kolins, their vision was turned into a magical reality. He really understood what we wanted and executed our ideas to perfection – the flowers and the room truly took my breath away. I also frequently turned to Etsy for ideas and inspiration on smaller details.

Derek: The team at the Seawane Club is also an unbelievable resource and we can’t thank them enough for everything they did.

Derek, what memory of Jackie on your wedding stands out the most?

Derek: The ten minutes we spent alone between the cocktail hour and waiting to enter the reception to be introduced as husband and wife. Jackie was so calm and beautiful and I was so happy to finally be able to call her my wife. Jackie surprised me with allowing me to enter the reception room to “Hells Bells,” the NY Giants kickoff song.

Jackie, what memory of Derek on your wedding day stands out the most?

Jackie: It’s hard to pick just one. Of course, I will always remember our first look; Derek running up the hill I was standing on to see me, but I think our first dance will stand out the most. Being in the center of the dance floor, surrounded by all the people we love, doing something we would never normally do was just so fun and special. We laughed and smiled the entire song, it was the perfect way to start the party.

Photos by Nathan Smith


Cake: Eileen Ehrlich
Catering: Seawane Country Club
Dress: Vera Wang
Floral & Event Design: SBK Events
Hair & Makeup: Larry of Aqua Salon and Josephine Fusco
Lighting: Pegasus Productions
Music: Groove Society, Element Music
Stationery: Ricki Skolnik of Dorothy Goldsmith Printing and Party Services
Venue: Seawane Country Club
Video: Edward Neary of Joseph Edwards Films

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