Jaclyn & Alex, Capitale, NYC

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2017/04/21

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There’s a lesson to be learned in this love story. Though you may not believe it, dancing alone at a party can spark a romance. Alex met Jaclyn at a birthday celebration when he spotted her on the dance floor, solo but having a great time. After an introduction, “We danced to 80’s music and eventually got to talking for the next couple of hours,” Jaclyn recalls. She was so taken by Alex that she did something she had never done before: give a guy her number. “He still claims that he always planned on asking for it, but that I beat him to it,” she explains.

Two weeks later, Jaclyn and Alex went on their first date where Alex made the first move. “I went for a kiss right outside the bar,” he states proudly. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jaclyn and Alex were married in March at Capitale. Here we ask the happy couple about their wedding planning experience.

What aspects of planning your wedding did you find the most enjoyable? What was the most stressful?

Alex: Jac and her mom had so many great ideas and we all had so much fun talking about what we wanted the room to look like, feel like, and the type of party we were hoping to create. We were able to hand-pick every aspect of our wedding, which made it feel really personal and reflective of who we are.

Jaclyn: The table arrangements really got me…that part was hard!

What advice do you have for brides and grooms planning their own celebration?

Alex: Have fun with each other while you’re planning, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t rule anything out. During the wedding, make an effort not to get separated so that you can enjoy your night together.

What aspects of your wedding most reflected your personality?

Alex: The way that the room was curated was very reflective of the type of party we wanted to have. It was beautiful, fun, not stuffy, and classic with a little bit of edginess to it. It really helped set the tone for an amazing night with our family and friends.

Jaclyn: To start the night off, we entered the party to a really upbeat song that we picked together, and we were immediately surrounded by all of our family and friends. There was so much warmth and love in the room, and we spent the whole night together on the dance floor, which is really all we hoped for.

Would you do anything differently?

Jaclyn: Make our wedding a full 24 hours long?

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Jaclyn: The most memorable moment for me was our first look. I couldn’t wait to see Alex – I was literally counting down the minutes. Once we finally got to see each other outside of our wedding venue, I felt so at ease and had the biggest smile on my face. We always planned on taking some pictures outside, but what we didn’t plan for was rain. We ended up taking pictures in street traffic with our umbrellas, and it was such an amazing and memorable moment.

Alex: The most memorable part of the day for me was the ceremony. Our chuppah was up on a stage and I was at the bottom greeting all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen as they walked down the aisle, which was really special. The ultimate highlight, though, was seeing Jaclyn walk down the aisle with her parents. I definitely needed to fight back a few tears during that moment.

Photos by Nathan Smith and Michelle Mosqueda
Filmmaking by Adrian Toto


Cake: La Bonne Boulangerie
Catering: Capitale
Dress: Vera Wang
Floral & Event Design: Atlas Floral Decorators
Hair & Makeup: Olivia Halpin & Daniela Taveras
Lighting: Capitale
Music: Hank Lane Music, Bobby Attiko Band

Stationery: Signatures
Venue: Capitale
Video: Adrian Toto for ILS

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