Ira Lippke Named Among “Top Ten Wedding Photographers”

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2012/05/11

We feel a bit like we’ve attended the Academy Awards of Wedding Photography and just have to share.

In this month’s issue of American Photo, Ira Lippke was named one of the country’s “Top Ten Wedding Photographers.” This distinction is an incredible honor to add to his accolades. Aimee Baldridge wrote an insightful, fresh article on the blend of philosophy, art and documentation involved in capturing a wedding day in photos. After her interview with Ira, she gained a keen understanding of his unique background and approach to life and photography as well as why he’s passionate about what he does. Baldrige put it best when she writes, “Humans are complex, strange and selfish creatures. When two of us make a life together it elevates our conception of ourselves. It makes us believe that if we can be this good for each other, maybe we can be that good for the rest of the world.”

So now for Ira’s acceptance speech: “I would like to thank God, the fantastic Ira Lippke Studios team, all my brides and grooms past and present, American Photo  and of course my beautiful wife and family.”

Pick up a copy of American Photo to read the complete article.


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