Help Fund Photo Class for Syrian Refugee Kids

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2016/07/01

You all know Nathan as one who has a unique gift for capturing emotion and meaningful human experiences. He has photographed many of your wedding days, immortalizing some of the most treasured moments of your life in a picture. A big part of what Nathan does with his income from shooting weddings goes toward various humanitarian and documentary projects around the world. What we love about Nathan is that he is a person who follows his heart and curiosity for relevant cultural issues, and seeks to help communities in need. He strives to find meaningful ways to engage both of these through the telling of stories through photography. The photos above are examples of some of the work he’s done in Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Senegal, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

This Summer, Nathan will be traveling with Karam Foundation on their 8th Innovative Education Mission to Southern Turkey. Along with 50 mentors from around the world, Nathan will be volunteering at a Syrian refugee school that serves over 1,000 Syrian refugee children. They will be teaching a variety of workshops including photography, culinary arts, solar energy, mural art, entrepreneurship and more. The program is designed to engage and inspire young minds, heal the trauma of war, and cultivate dreams of bright, confident futures.

Nathan had initially volunteered with intentions of photographing and bearing witness to the Syrian refugee crisis, when the Karam Foundation asked him to lend his talents in an even bigger way. Nathan will be teaching a class on photography, journaling and sketching. He hopes to give these children tools to document their own stories, both as a way of giving them agency in the way their story is told to the world, and as a way of recording and processing their experiences and emotions.

The entirety of Nathan’s expenses have been self-funded, but he needs our help in providing the funds needed to purchase cameras, journals and other supplies. We cannot stress enough how proud we are of him for taking on such a challenging endeavor. We hope you will support him in this mission, and contribute to making a difference in the lives of hundreds of displaced Syrian children.

Please click here to donate to Nathan’s cause, all of which will go directly to Karam Foundation.

A big THANK YOU from Nathan, and all of us here at Ira Lippke Studios!


Photos by Nathan Smith


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