Heather & Jamie, Engagement Shoot, NYC

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2016/09/02

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When you first met, what were your first impressions of each other?

Heather: When I first met Jamie I thought he was really funny and really nice. We met at work and I was impressed with how good he was at his job. It wasn’t until we went out drinking and dancing that I saw he becomes the life of the party and I loved that! No one had a bad thing to say about him.

Jamie: The first word that came into my mind when I first met Heather was WOW. She was smart, confident and funny.

It seems you two have traveled a lot together. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Heather: We love to travel and have been to many amazing places (definitely a perk to living in London!), but Croatia was definitely one of our favorite trips together.

Some couples do engagement shoots, others don’t! Why did you decide to have one?

Heather: Since I moved back to NY over a year ago, we have been in a long distance relationship and have been trying to plan the wedding while living in two different countries. Jamie was going to be in town, so I thought it could be a fun thing to do together. I also knew I loved Nathan’s work from looking at the website, but thought it would be a great way to get to know him before the actual wedding day and to give Jamie and I a dry run at the whole thing! The timing just worked out really well that we were moving into a new apartment that morning and Nathan thought it’d be great to capture the first moments!

Your wedding is about one year away! What about it are you most excited for?

Both: We can’t wait to be surrounded by friends and family celebrating and having a great party!

Photos by Nathan Smith


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