Hayley & Dee, Indian Ceremony & Rehearsal Dinner, Bacara Resort, CA

POSTED BY Jason Walker on 2016/09/21

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Hayley and Dee prepared a weekend full of meaning and fun to celebrate their wedding at Bacara Resort in California. On the first day, an Indian ceremony was held, honoring Dee’s heritage and family traditions. We were struck by the joy and laughter during this ceremony; the vibrant colors and flowers that adorned the mandapa (wedding altar) echoed the mood. This was only the second Indian ceremony Hayley had seen before. “It was incredible to be a part of this beautiful tradition,” she says.

Hayley walked the aisle with her uncle to find Dee at the mandapa, waiting behind a veil. “Once the veil was dropped and we got to see each other, we both had such a sense of ease – I don’t think I stopped smiling for the rest of the ceremony,” Hayley recalls. Some of the moments that stood out the most to her were the exchanging of garlands and pouring wild rice over each other – both of which were “incredible.”

After the ceremony and a quick wardrobe change, Hayley & Dee threw a Rehearsal Dinner for their wedding the next day. With no reason to put an end to the celebration, the  “dinner was followed by a cocktail party that ended up turning into a full blown dance party!” Needless to say, it was an incredibly beautiful and fun day that spilled over to the next – which was a spectacular event of it’s own.

Check back soon for more of Hayley & Dee’s incredible wedding weekend!


Photos by Jason and Rebecca Walker


Planning: Details Details
Floral & Event Design: Shawna Yamamoto
Hair & Makeup: Jasmin Robles, Tammy Pham
Venue: Bacara Resort

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