Hannah & Trevor, The Hill-Stead Museum, CT

POSTED BY Rebecca Walker on 2012/10/07

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Hannah and Trevor’s wedding was one that I had highly anticipated.  Since our first conversation, I felt like I’d known her forever.  Most brides would cry if they had to run to escape the rain in an Oscar de la Renta dress, but Hannah didn’t complain once!  The inclement weather only served to heighten the romance and drama of the first look and creative shoot.

The Hill-Stead Museum not only provided a grand backdrop for the occasion, but was also dear to the family because of their involvement in the arts.  The whole affair felt like an intimate and rollicking family reunion.  I really fell in love with this couple.  Trevor was strikingly handsome, a perfect gentleman, complimented by Hannah, joyfully composed and mysteriously beautiful.  I know I will be seeing them again soon, not as clients, but as friends.

Photography by Rebecca Walker & Joanna Toto


Photography by Rebecca Walker & Joanna Michaelides

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