Felicity & Kade, Metropolitan Building, NYC

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2017/01/04

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What part of wedding planning was the most fun for you?

Felicity: The facials! I decided instead of obsessively exercising, I would obsessively care for my skin. It ended up serving the dual purpose of ensuring I was a “glowing bride” and providing scheduled relaxation which was very necessary the closer it got to the day. And I never felt over indulgent because, after all, I was getting married!

Kade: Definitely the beer tastings and the hangs with my friends in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

What was the easiest planning decision you made?

Felicity: Our cake! I knew I wanted something simple and delicious, something that people would enjoy eating rather than just looking at (i.e. no fondant!). We only had one cake tasting – the cake was delish and we had a fun time mixing icing and filing combinations – and by the end of the 30 minutes or so we had our decision made.

Kade: I didn’t really have much to do with the planning except the music. I knew there should be three bands with three distinct styles of sound for the cocktail hour, dinner and reception. When I found each of the bands I knew immediately they were the ones. The cherry on top was the decision for a gospel choir to come out for a few songs to highlight the reception band. I’m really proud of the outcome.

The most difficult?

Felicity: It’s a tie between my dress and our invitation suite. With my dress, I never had an “ah-ha” moment. I was actually more or less set on another dress when I ultimately tried on the one I wore. I remember trying on the dress and thinking, “Oh, I feel like a bride.” I knew it was definitely “the dress,” I just wasn’t sure it was the dress for me. When I purchased it, I was taking a bit of a leap of faith and it wasn’t until afterwards that I felt certain it was the right decision.

The invitation suite was stressful mainly because of the pressure I put on myself. I wanted to strike the right balance of fun, personal and timeless. What we ended up with is not what I envisioned at the outset, but I’m so glad I gave myself over to the process because I loved the finished product.

Kade: Finding a slim fit, fly front, pleated bib tuxedo shirt in size 16.

Did you learn anything new about yourself or each other throughout the planning process?

Felicity: I surprised myself by not wanting to micromanage every single detail day of – but instead, I ended up just putting my faith in it all working out as planned and sat back and let everyone else manage me!

Kade: Trust my visions.

Did you have a wish list of things you hoped for on your day?

Felicity: There were four things I hoped for: One, I looked amazing, two, all my guests had fun, three, I had fun, and four, the pictures turned out great (thanks Nathan!!).

Kade: I wanted to feel closer to my wife than I ever had, I wanted to get chills when I heard the music, I wanted each guest to have the time of their lives, I wanted to make every conversation count, I wanted to remember everything.

What did you do to add personal details to your wedding?

Felicity: Our engagement story felt very classically “us” so we wanted to include it in the wedding somehow. Kade planned the most romantic proposal in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but I completely ruined it by finding the ring box he hid in the bottom of my purse (which I had rummaged through to get out a bandaid to avoid blisters with the new pair of espadrilles I was wearing). Ultimately, he ended up proposing in the foyer of our apartment and it was the perfect proposal (just us and our dog!). To include this story on our wedding day, we custom printed baindaids with our names, wedding date and the inscription “love hurts,” and gave them out in old school tins that included a little scroll tucked inside with our “proposal story” printed on it.

Kade: I think the whole event was personal. There were pieces of Felicity, me and us in every detail. The invitations, church, bandaids, matchbooks, the beer bar, bands/gospel choir, slippers, food, the photo booth… the list goes on right down to the hand soap in the bathroom. That’s what I loved about the wedding – everything felt like an elevated state of natural.

What advice do you have for couples on their wedding day?

Felicity: For any bride honeymooning directly after the wedding, my veteran pro-tip would be to buy all new socks and underwear to pack for the honeymoon. The last thing you want to worry about the day before your wedding is doing laundry to have enough clean unmentionables to make it through the next two weeks!

Kade: Don’t stop dancing.

Photos by Nathan Smith


Planning & Event Design: Firefly Events
Cake: Nine Cakes
Catering: Bite
Dress: Vera Wang
Floral Design & Donation: Poppies & Posies and Repeat Roses
Hair & Makeup: Eva Scrivo Salons and Kelvin Dume
Lighting: Bentley Meeker
Music, Ceremony: Gotham Strings
Music, Cocktails: Molecular Organ Trio
Music, Reception: Fleur Seule
Music, After Party: Atomic Funk Project
Rentals: NECR, Party Rental Ltd., Rent Patina
Stationery: Karla Lim
Venue, Ceremony: Grace Church
Venue, Reception: Metropolitan Building
Video: Elysium Productions

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