EXPOSED Documentary Film Series

POSTED BY Reuben Hernandez on 2013/12/23

Earlier this year, I was hired as the director of photography for EXPOSED, a documentary film series about tuberculosis filmed around in the world in the UK, South Africa, India, and the US. The trailer (above) premiered at the UN and the series has been awarded Best-Cause Related Video by PR Daily.

Tuberculosis is a deadly, airborne, contagious bacterial infection that is second only to HIV/AIDS as the greatest killer worldwide due to a single infectious agent, according to the World Health Organization. We met extraordinary people that are leading the fight against this deadly disease, and also survivors with incredible stories. Phumeza, a young girl that we met and interviewed in South Africa, recently beat the odds and has become cured of extensively drug resistant tuberculosis after a nearly three year long battle. Unfortunately, her TB treatment left her deaf. Read more about Phumeza’s story here:

The entire film series can be viewed here:

It’s been a fantastic and exciting year. I wish everyone all the best and a beautiful 2014!

Carpe Diem,


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