Evi & Lane, 26 Bridge, Brooklyn

POSTED BY Jason Walker on 2017/01/25

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Tell us about the helping hands that contributed to your day.

Both: This event would not have been possible without our closest friends and family. We had folks traveling from all over the country and everyone contributed something. We are blessed to have an incredible community that felt like one big family. Of course there were those that stand out: Evi’s father put a ton of time, thought, and creativity into designing a custom chuppah, and the ILS team made us feel celebrated, beautiful and special in a way that we have never felt before. We will never forget it.

What planning decision was the easiest to make?

Both: It’s a tie between the venue and the band. As soon as we saw 26 Bridge, we fell in love with the space. Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhoods have been front and center in our lives over the last five plus years. We were engaged in Dumbo and spent previous years exploring the borough with these neighborhoods as a collective home base.

The Loyales had come recommended by multiple parties, and right before we plunked down the deposit Evi was able to catch them at a showcase in Brooklyn. Even though a live band is a significant expense, this decision was a no-brainer.

Did having a brother who is a wedding insider (so-to-speak) help you in your planning?

Both: Of course! As soon as we got engaged and started planning, Ira reached out to us and provide a ton of valuable insight and expertise. Ira is super detail oriented but nowhere in that process does Ira lose any of the love and artistic composure that makes his work so special. Having Ira capture Evi’s getting ready moments set the tone for a uniquely personal experience. And of course, Jason is accomplished and in-demand in a way that we did not fully understand until we were fairly deep into the process.

Ultimately, what was the most important goal for your day?

Both: The theme of our wedding ceremony was all about transferring our shared commitment to social justice, equality, and spreading positivity to our marriage – and inviting everyone to partake through that lens. At risk of sounding cliché, we wanted to “share the love.” Feels like we accomplished our “goal” and everyone had some serious fun!

Do you have advice for couples to keep in mind?

Both: There were moments when the bottom line got away from us; we sometimes forgot about the big picture. All of that was moot on the day of the wedding. We would advise folks not to sweat the small stuff, enjoy every single moment, and make sure that you do not concede any of your own wishes for any reason whatsoever. Remember this is about you and your partner and nobody else. Stepping back and disconnecting from the technical aspects of a wedding on the day of is essential to making it a special day. The ceremony was somewhere between 20-30 minutes, but it is what we both remember the most about our wedding day. Sharing such a special moment with however many people are in attendance is far more powerful, meaningful, and lasting memory than all of the
other details combined.

Evi, what advice do you have for a bride on her wedding day?

Evi: Build in as many hours as possible to getting ready and spending time with your bridal party and family. There were moments I felt rushed or delayed in a way that we hadn’t planned for. Any time estimates for hair, makeup, and getting ready for a large bridal party (I had nine bridesmaids) should be cushioned with a few hours of extra time, if possible.

Lane, what advice do you have a for a groom on his wedding day?

Lane: Pace yourself. It is hard to say why this was such a nerve-racking experience, because there was never any question in my mind about partnering with Evi for life. Nonetheless, getting married had an effect that I wasn’t expecting in the lead-up to the big day. With so much downtime in the morning it can be easy to start the party a little early. It’s okay to imbibe before noon to calm the nerves, but leave the pregaming to your groomsmen. There is more blue label out there and only one day where you marry the love of your life!

Photos by Jason Walker and Ira Lippke


Planning: Naturally Delicious
Cake & Catering: Naturally Delicious
Dress: Etoile Josina from Beholdn
Floral Design: Sprout Home and Brooklyn Floral
Hair & Makeup: Alice Shiels of Exhibit Salon and Anni Bruno of NYC Faces
Lighting: Universal Light and Sound Wedding Lighting
Music: The Loyales, Lucy Music Group
Stationery: Minted
Venue: 26 Bridge

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