Debra & Steven, Southhampton, NY

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2016/07/25

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ILS: During your parents’ speech, your mom was holding a very long piece of paper that hung all the way to the floor. Can you tell us more about that?

Debra: The paper was actually blank. She had it rolled up like a scroll at the beginning of her toast. She assured us all her toast would be brief and just wanted to touch on a few stories from my childhood. Then she took out the scroll and dropped it to its full length. It aroused a real laugh and is very typical of my mom’s sense of humor!

ILS: There seemed to be a lot of dancing at your wedding! What song did you choose for your first dance? Why?

Debra & Steven: We chose “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by the Mamas and the Papas. It is a very sweet song and we always feel happy and simple and in love when we hear it.

ILS: What moment from your day stands out the most?

Debra: Walking out of the ceremony back inside to relish in the moment.

ILS: The morning after your wedding, what was the first thought or feeling you had upon waking?

Debra: Relief that the weather held out!

Photos by Nathan Smith


Event Coordination: Sidekick Events
Floral Design: Andrew Pascoe Flowers
Lighting: Luminous Design
Music: Hank Lane, Michael Hart Band
Hair: Mika Rummo, Salon AKS
Makeup: Virginia Linzee

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