Danielle & Jonathan : TRAILER, The Pierre, NYC

POSTED BY Adrian Toto on 2015/01/23

Days of thunder..

Danielle and Jonathan, there is so much warmth in your family, and so much sincere joy, that The Pierre could barely contain it, and I confess that things got quite emotional for us while editing this film!

I believe that even though your parents witnessed and documented your transformations from bumping heads or chasing ducks to elegantly walk hand in hand through the Oheka Castle and Central Park, you will always be these wonderfully weird creatures, that are simultaneously age 5, 10, 15 and 25.




Film by Adrian Toto

Additional Cinematography by Gideon De Villiers
Super 8mm Film by Adrian Toto
Archival Footage from Danielle’s and Jonathan’s personal archives.
Edited by Gideon De Villiers


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Film: Adrian Toto

Additional Cinematography: Gideon De Villiers
Super 8mm Film: Adrian Toto
Edited: Gideon De Villiers


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