Courtney & Dominik’s : TRAILER, Dallas, TX

POSTED BY Adrian Toto on 2015/01/08

When the British came to sunny Texas, they did it with humor and elegance, but they met their match in Dallas. There was a great duel of speeches, and many side-splitting hilarious words were spilled. The outcome was established at sunset: it was a decisive victory for anyone who came to have fun! And we mean “headband – golden pants – guitar solo on the table” kind of fun.

Rock on, baby, ROCK ON!


Film by Adrian Toto

Additional Cinematography by Gideon De Villiers
Super 8mm Film by Joanna Toto
Edited by Gideon De Villiers


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Film: Adrian Toto
Event Planning & Coordination: Special Occasions Event Planning
Additional Cinematography: Gideon De Villiers
Super 8mm Film: Joanna Toto
Timelapse: Adrian Toto
Edited: Gideon De Villiers


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