Chrissy & Kevin, Harold Pratt House, NYC

POSTED BY Rebecca Walker on 2016/12/16

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What was the first wedding planning decision you made?

Kevin: Date, venue, church – it happened like rapid fire. We knew we wanted St. Ignatius because that was the main cathedral at Boston College where we met and once that was decided, October 22nd was decided shortly thereafter based on availability and wanting a wedding in the Fall. And finally we landed on the Harold Pratt House as the final part of the “first wedding planning.”

Chrissy: The very first decision we made was where we wanted to get married — we have so many places that are special to us for so many different reasons – Boston, Telluride, St. Barths, and Southampton to name just a few. We decided that New York City was the perfect place as our lives are here now, and I grew up nearby on Long Island.

What part of the planning process did you most enjoy?

Kevin: The dancing lessons were by far my favorite part! Entering the first class not even wanting a choreographed dance and completing multiple lessons with a step by step, start to finish rockin’ routine to Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” The lessons were a wonderful time for the two of us away from the hoopla of the wedding planning.

Chrissy: Planning a wedding is definitely hard-work and very stressful. Luckily, I had my amazing mother by my side every step of the way. I always loved visiting the vendors with my mom, having Kevin meet us for dinner after, and all together reaching a group decision on that particular aspect of the wedding.

Did you learn anything about yourself or each other while preparing for your big day?

Kevin: I learned that Chrissy cannot make decisions.

Chrissy: I learned that I cannot make decisions. Burgundy, Plum, Purple, Maroon, Wine – Are you kidding me?!?! Literally, what’s the difference?

Where did you turn for ideas and inspiration?

Kevin: Inspiration and ideas? My main contribution was Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches on the way out of the reception, inspiration coming from growing up down South. Literally everything else Chrissy took care of.

Chrissy: My favorite things in life and all of the past experiences I’ve had. Summers in Southampton, late night family dinners in NYC, and my love for The Great Gatsby. I’ll take a Roaring Twenties with a side of fall English garden as the inspiration for our special day.

Was there a particular part of your wedding that you most looked forward to?

Kevin: I most looked forward to saying our wedding vows. I knew I was going to be emotional, but I never could have prepared for the moment of publicly professing my love and commitment to Chrissy in front of everyone who is most important to me.

Chrissy: I was definitely most excited to stand at the end of the aisle at St. Ignatius and have those large doors swing open, Trumpets Voluntary playing, to see Kevin waiting there at the end of the aisle… And it was even better than I imagined.

What kind of experience were you hoping to give your guests?

Kevin: “A little party never killed nobody.” I wanted for everyone to enjoy a phenomenal party. From cocktail hour to close, I was hoping for everyone to eat delicious food, drink a little too much and dance the night away.

Chrissy: We really wanted to give our guests a totally different and unique wedding experience. Our venue, The Harold Pratt House, is a multi-level home in which you move around for different parts of the wedding. We wanted our friends and family to feel like they were in our home where we were having the most fabulous party they have ever been to.

Chrissy, what memory of Kevin on your day stands out the most?

Chrissy: “You may now kiss the bride” are six words that I have been looking forward to hearing since I was a little girl. The first kiss with my husband after declaring our love for one another is a moment that I will never forget.

Kevin, what memory of Chrissy on your day stands out the most?

Kevin: I will always remember seeing Chrissy for the first time at the end of the aisle, beaming proudly and walking confidently arm-in-arm with her father toward me and our future as husband and wife together.

Photos by Rebecca Walker and Viriginie Blachère


Planning: Valerie Post Events
Cake & Catering: Abigail Kirsch
Dress: Monique Lhuillier from Mark Ingram Atelier
Floral & Event Design: Rountree Florals
Hair & Makeup: Kathy Foot for Ambiance Salon
Lighting: Glen Goldman Lighting
Music, Ceremony: St. Ignatius Loyola
Music, Reception: Element Music
Photobooth: The Modern Photobooth
Venue, Ceremony: St. Ignatius Loyola
Venue, Reception: Harold Pratt House
Video: Craig William Films

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