Chelsey & Eric, Guastavino’s, NYC

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2016/08/05

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On a beautiful day in early June, Chelsey and Eric joined their lives under the arched stone ceilings of Guastavino’s. The reception that followed was filled with a spirit of fun and love, where it was clear that Chelsey and Eric weren’t the only ones who had fallen for each other; both families share a love for each other, too. A most notable moment for us was Eric’s mom’s drum solo, which she performed during Element Music‘s rendition of  “I Will Survive.” We struggle to recall a time when a mother of the groom looked cooler.

Prior to the day’s festivities, Chelsey and Eric spent some time strolling around New York’s streets and Central Park, experiencing firsthand what it’s like to be The NYC Couple. Below, Chelsey explains how it felt to be a bride in the Big Apple, and a few other memories that stood out from their day.

ILS: How did it feel to walk around NYC as a bride?

Chelsey:  It was such a special, strange feeling to have complete strangers in Central Park stare at me and take pictures. I kept forgetting I was the one in a wedding dress they were photographing!

ILS:  What was the first thought you had when waking on your wedding day? 

Chelsey & Eric: So excited!

ILS: Is there any moment in particular that stands out to you the most? 

Chelsey & Eric: The entire weekend was all one incredible dream come true.  Seeing the look on each other’s faces  as we walked down the aisle to meet was as if the world stopped for a few precious moments.  It was a magical feeling, followed by an unforgettable reception surrounded by all of our friends and family.


Photos by Ira Lippke and Virginie Blachère


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Guastavino’s
Floral Design: Andrew Pascoe Flowers
Lighting: Gala Productions
Music: Element Music
Dress: Wedding Salon Manhasset
Hair & Makeup: Kyung Min Chon

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