Chelsea & Kevin, The Madison Club, La Quinta, CA

POSTED BY Adrian Toto on 2017/02/02

Everyone enjoys a great love story. What is yours?

Chelsea: We met through a mutual friend eight years ago and kept running into each other in different places. There was definitely an interest and attraction to each other. We exchanged info and Kevin asked me on a date to a Lakers game. I grew up a big Lakers fan, so he was already off to a head start! Over time we realized we couldn’t live without each other and now we have two beautiful children together.

What would you say is the most valuable thing you have learned from one another?

Chelsea: The most valuable thing we have learned from each other is to communicate. We know how important it is to share your feelings about whatever is going on that you need to get off your chest. It is crucial to be able to support each other to the fullest and maintain a close friendship.

What was on your wedding day wish list?

Chelsea: To be stress free, be able to enjoy all of it, and take it all in! You spend so much time stressing and planning that you just want to have the best time with all of your friends and family. We definitely accomplished that!

What memory from your day stands out the most?

Chelsea: When we exchanged our vows – it was so touching and emotional. Kevin really impressed me with what he had wrote. He started to tear up and cry as he was speaking them to me, and then tried to distract everyone by telling them to “look at the moon” as he wiped the tears from his eyes. It was so incredibly sweet.

Did you have any post-wedding goals?

Chelsea: Our post wedding goals are just to enjoy our life together. Raise our children to the best of our ability, be the best influence on them, and share incredible family experiences together. We have a beautiful life and want to live it to the absolute fullest.

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