Farrell & Bobby, Jonathan Beach Club, CA

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2017/09/08

When you met, what were your first impressions of each other?

Bobby: My first impression was that Farrell was very easy going, comfortable in her own skin and extremely easy to talk to. I also remember how she seemed to epitomize happiness with her infectious smile that seemed to be everlasting. Lastly, I clearly remember thinking wow, she’s hot.

Farrell: Right away I noticed Bobby’s big blue eyes! He was also pretty straight forward, which seemed to have been fueled by The Ruschmeyer drink at Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk. Lastly, I thought he was easy to talk to and I immediately knew that this would not be the only date.

Bobby, how did you know Farrell was “The One”?

Bobby: I think it happened fairly early on when I was visiting her while she was temporarily working in LA for a few months, which occurred only a few months into our relationship. Each weekend that I was able to visit her in LA would normally consist of a few outings by ourselves like dinner or walking around Venice Beach, connecting with some of her friends depending on whose birthday or what social gathering was going on and last, but not least, always making time to have brunch with her parents on Sunday at the Jonathan Beach Club, which is where we would eventually get married. For me, I thought this was the perfect balance of friends, family and ourselves and with everything else seemingly perfect between us, I think that’s when I realized that she was “the one.”

Farrell, how did you know Bobby was “The One”?

Farrell: Within a few months of dating, Bobby and I spontaneously decided that he should join my family in California for Christmas and New Years. It was a bold decision that we made quickly, and truthfully, we both secretly got a little nervous the day he was arriving. But once he entered my home and I saw how perfectly he fit in with my family, I knew he was the one! We ended up having an amazing trip and never looked back!

What did you most enjoy about wedding planning?

Bobby: I most enjoyed daydreaming about having all of our favorite people, family and friends, in one place at one time and being able to curate their experience. I also loved imagining Farrell walking down the aisle – a memory I will certainly never forget!

Farrell: I loved having a creative outlet! Looking at photos of flowers never gets old, and I could make mood boards all day long! Our engagement shoot with Rebecca was also a highlight – we had such an amazing time walking around the West Village and Central Park laughing, kissing and having fun.

What did you least enjoy?

Bobby: The seemingly never-ending details that had to be coordinated that created stress, angst and derailed our normally relaxing, fun and stress-free time that we have together.

Farrell: I least enjoyed the stress and time-consuming nature of anything pertaining to the wedding. The guest list was especially challenging. However, I think all the time we spent focusing on the details was worth it in the end!

If you could do anything differently, would you?

Bobby: I think there are a few details we would like to change, as we were novices at planning a wedding. At the same time, I think it all happened for a reason and so many things came together so perfectly and unfolded so magically in a way that was beyond anything we could have hoped that we would be foolish to try to do it any differently.

Farrell: Nothing! I wish we could do it all again. Everyone says it goes by fast, and it’s true – but 10 times faster than you could ever imagine. That is why it is crucial to get a photographer you love, because the photos are what allow you to relive the day over and over again.

What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?

Bobby: Never take the other person for granted.

Farrell: Yes! It’s only been about a month-and-a-half since we got married, but I try to accomplish this every day!

What memory of one another on your day stands out the most in your mind?

Bobby: Farrell walking down the aisle.

Farrell: We both love music, and we love to dance, so my favorite memory was holding hands with Bobby and making our grand entrance into our reception for our first dance. The sheer rush of joy and being surrounded by our friends was incredible! When we started planning the wedding, we had very ambitious plans to take dance classes each week. Of course, that did not happen. We didn’t even have time to practice our dance, so literally the reception was our first time doing our dance and it was completely improvised on the spot. It ended up being a blast and luckily I don’t think we made a fool of ourselves!

Photos by Rebecca & Jason Walker

Vendor Credits

Planning: Amazing Grace Design
Cake & Catering: The Jonathan Club
Dress: Carolina Herrera
Floral Design: Flowermaid
Hair & makeup: Rigo Ortiz & Elite Makeup Designs
Lighting: Daylight Event Lights
Music: Bob Gail Music
Stationery: Anne Robin Calligraphy
Venue: Jonathan Beach Club


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