Casey & Ehren, Tribeca Rooftop 360, NYC

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 2016/11/04

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What part of planning your wedding did you most enjoy?

Both: Sitting down with the videographer, and with Nathan. In an effort to understand who we are as a couple, we were able to reminisce over the memories of our relationship.

Casey: I also enjoyed the meetings with the floral designer… envisioning the space and adding elements that truly made the physical space come to life and made it our own!

Did you learn anything about yourselves or your relationship throughout the planning process?

Casey: I was surprised how calm and relaxed I was and also quite decisive!

What did you do to infuse personal touches into your wedding?

Casey: Photographs of Ehren and I as well as a handkerchief that was wrapped around my bouquet that my great grandmother embroidered.

Ehren: We also added in some New Orleans delicacies like pralines and beignets to the menu.

Is there a moment from your day that you would freeze in time if you could?

Both: Our vows, and our first dance. Both happened so quickly and would love to go back and re-live those special moments!

Did anything surprise you?

Casey: The over abundance of love in the room … it was palpable! You could feel the love and support from both sides of the family and our friends. I was also pleasantly surprised how much inter-mingling there was between both sides of the family… especially since it was the first opportunity for everyone to meet! It was unique how naturally everyone just blended! Meant to be for sure.

Casey, what quality do you most admire about Ehren?

Casey: His patience. His ability to calm me down when I am starting to get anxious. He also is attentive to my needs… making mental notes of things I say I need from him – this trait has become very evident throughout my pregnancy and I couldn’t be more greatful!!

Ehren, what quality do you most admire about Casey?

Ehren: Casey refocuses me on what is important. It’s pretty easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind, but she challenges me to think bigger about our future and our family. She keeps me centered. Oh, and being from New Orleans I love food, and she’s a fantastic cook!

Photos by Nathan Smith


Cake: Lael Cakes
Catering: Tribeca Rooftop 360
Dress: Berta Bridal
Floral & Event Design: Frank Alexander
Hair & Makeup: Rodrigo Padilla of Sally Hershberger Downtown
Lighting: Tribeca Rooftop 360
Music: Creations Music
Stationery: Alpine Creative Group
Venue: Tribeca Rooftop 360
Video: Pennylane Productions

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