Brittany & Zach, Private Residence, New Hope, PA

POSTED BY Jason Walker on 2017/01/06

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How did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Brittany: We first met on spring break in Aculpuclo, 2008! We were at a friends house and he started asking me about myself. I thought he was cool and always made a conscious effort to speak with him when we would see each other back in the city.

Zach: We met again in a cab ride home from the nightclub later that night. We had a lot of friends in common, so we stayed in touch over the years.

Brittany: But let’s be clear, we didn’t start dating until five years after we met!

What was the first wedding planning decision you made?

Brittany: To have our wedding at The Farm. Our location was everything – the views are spectacular and it is our favorite place to get away from the noise of the city and just hang with our dog. So it was a no-brainer.

Zach: The farm has always been a special place for me, having grown up there with my grandfather – who sadly died before getting to meet Brittany. It’s become even more of a special place throughout our relationship, as we’ve spent a lot of time there and made our own memories there together. We couldn’t think of anyplace that would be more special for us, more fun for our guests, and that would allow our beloved dog, Maple, to take part in the ceremony. Although it was the easiest decision to make, there was a lot of hard work involved in making it happen, including bringing in truckload after truckload of dirt to level the ground for the cocktail and reception tents. We really can’t thank our parents enough.

What part of wedding planning did you most enjoy?

Brittany: For me, decorating the tent and tables.

Zach: For me, it was definitely planning the food and beverage. I work in the restaurant business, and love to cook, so it was a lot of fun to work with our fantastic caterer, Max Hansen, to create a cocktail hour of delicious and easily-eaten, hand-held bites and a dinner menu that celebrated the local and seasonal produce that I grew up with. We really wanted a family-style dinner because it felt more intimate, and we wanted people to be able to have as little or as much of everything that they wanted.

Did you learn anything about yourself or each other throughout the process?

Brittany: We are such a good team. Being an interior designer, I was in charge of everything decor, flowers and aesthetics. Zach being a restaurateur, he took care of all food and beverage. It was so fun and didn’t have to worry about the others’ responsibilities.

Zach: Although I think we knew we were a good team when we first decided to get married, I think this definitely confirmed it. We worked really well together, and just as important, our parents worked really well together and have become very close. In retrospect, that was the best part of planning – it brought us closer together as a couple, brought each of us closer together with our families, and brought our families closer together. I’d also say we learned that while neither of us are the most natural dancers, we can still get up there in front of everyone and do a good job.

In what ways did you infuse personal notes into your day?

Brittany: All the “day of paper” were made out of seeded, pressed flower paper. Since we were getting married on a farm we wanted our guests to walk away with Mother Earth memorabilia. You can literally water the paper and it will grow into flowers and plants! It was a fun touch and I worked with this amazing company (Of the Earth) that made the whole process so easy.

Zach: The entire weekend was very personal – from the location, to the food, to the decor, the music. Having our dog in the wedding was a big personal touch – those that know us well couldn’t imagine her not having a part in the wedding.

Brittany, what memory of Zach on your day stands out the most?

Brittany: His face when he went up on the chair during the horah. Zach had been looking more forward to the horah than almost anything! Seeing him get tossed up in the air was hysterical! And everyone dancing and laughing around us – it was amazing.

Zach, what memory of Brittany on your day stands out the most?

Zach: When we were cutting the cake, she took a piece of cake and pushed it into my face. Then, chasing her around (while trying not to step on her dress) so I could do the same to her – although I don’t think I actually did. It felt like we were alone with each other for those few seconds, even though everyone was standing around us, watching.

Photos by Jason Walker


Planning & Event Design: KPW Productions/Tableart
Cake: Pudge Cakes
Catering: Max Hansen
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Hair & Makeup: Giovanni & Pileggi and Nicck Townsend
Lighting: Entertainment Lighting
Music: Element Music – Groove Society
Stationery: TPD Design House, Of the Earth Custom Paper
Venue: Private Residence
Video: Tweed Video Productions

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