Alexandra & Jeffrey, Westmoor Farm, Nantucket

POSTED BY Ira Lippke on 2016/11/18

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In planning your wedding, what did you do to infuse personal notes into your day?

Alex: We used the food and drink as a way to add personal touches. When we first started dating we would get oysters every Sunday and bonded over our love of shellfish. When Jeffrey proposed, he used a Pocomo oyster (our favorite) to hold the ring, so we filled our raw bar with them as a nod to that special moment. We tried to make our menu as local as possible. We also decided to have signature drinks to add a fun personal note. All of the alcohol was selected from or inspired by places that were significant to us. For example, for the “his” cocktail, we served Mexican Mules (made with tequila instead of vodka) since Jeff grew up in Mexico.

Jeff: We ensured the festivities reminded everyone, including us, about small things we enjoy – oysters, tequila, etc. If one of our guest had been placed into our wedding at random, then they would have no doubt it was mine and Alex’s party.

What did you most enjoy about the whole planning process?

Alex: The best part of the process was having a good excuse to visit Nantucket as much as we wanted!

Jeff: I’ll be the first to admit – she planned 98% of the wedding (and that might be a generous 2% I am giving myself). I enjoyed discussing details with her and watching the excitement build as the day approached. I also enjoyed the many compliments on the reception chairs, as that was my 2% contribution.

Did you learn anything about yourselves as a couple?

Jeff: In the year leading up to the big day, I learned that we help each other handle stress extremely well and can remain positive through trying times.

Alex: I learned what a great team we are! About a month before the big day I traveled to Rwanda for my graduate research in humanitarian aid. Jeff stepped right up to the plate and communicated with our vendors, learning about a year’s worth of planning in just a few days!

Do you have advice for brides- and grooms-to-be on their big day?

Jeff: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Actually, don’t sweat anything at all. Enjoy it – it flies by.

Alex: I couldn’t say it any better. It will be the best day ever and you won’t think about anything else other than how ecstatically happy you are.

What were some of your favorite moments from your day?

Alex: I think we both agree that our favorite moment was right after the ceremony when we had time to be with each other without guests. We loved driving around in the Defender for our creative shoot with Ira. We got to play music (Pitbull, of course) and hang out in the back just us two and our dog, Penny.

Jeff: Yes, without a doubt that was the best time of the day. This was 30 minutes of time we had to ourselves right after the big moment.

What qualities do you admire most about each other?

Alex: I admire his positive attitude that provides me with so much support on a daily basis. He never lets anything get him down and always knows how to pull me out of a slump. He is caring, hard-working, and always lifts up the people he loves.

Jeff: I admire her for her backbone. She sticks up for what she believes in and for those she loves. She is smart, thoughtful, and personable. I noticed all of this early on in our relationship and knew she was a keeper.


Photos by Ira Lippke and Virginie Blachère


Planning: Maggie Stewart
Cake: Petticoat Row Bakery
Catering: Nantucket Catering Co
Dress: Carolina Herrera from Mark Ingram Atelier
Floral & Event Design: Soiree Floral
Hair & Makeup: RJ Miller Salon & Yolanda Grant
Lighting: Billy Voss Productions
Music, Ceremony: Robby Berhman (organ), Jordan Delphos (violin), Sultans of Swing (trumpet)
Music, Reception: Sultans of Swing
Rentals: Placesetters Nantucket, New England Country Rentals
Stationery: Parchment Nantucket
Venue, Ceremony: First Congretational Church
Venue, Reception: Westmoor Farm
Video: Meg Simone

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