Alexandra & Andrew, Cedar Lakes Estate, NY

POSTED BY Joanna Toto on 2016/08/10

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ILS: How did you two meet and more importantly, fall in love?

Alexandra: Andrew and I would not be together if it were not for the help of an extremely inebriated friend with a very wild imagination. We attended the same small college, Vassar, but somehow never met until several years after graduation at a mutual friends birthday party. When Andrew asked said friend about me, and the man I was there with, this friend, in his intoxicated state, responded that I had always had a crush on Andrew and that I was single. Neither were true. However, even though I turned down the date he asked me on, I couldn’t help but agree to be friends and we began to email with increasing frequency getting to know each other bit by bit. We discussed everything from our favorite movies and music to our hopes, dreams, happiest memories and even greatest disappointments. Initially it felt innocent and old fashioned but soon the first thing I thought about when I woke up became seeing his email in my inbox; I could not wait to learn more about him, and I realized that my feelings were not like those towards a friend. I understood then that I was probably already hopelessly in love. Shortly thereafter the boyfriend was gone and Andrew and I went on what he would later realize was a first date. We have been together ever since and are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

ILS: On your day, what was the first thought in your mind when you woke up in the morning?

Alexandra: To be honest I hardly slept the night before so I don’t know that I had a first thought. Fortunately my mother had stayed with me though, so I had someone to keep me calm throughout. I just remember that my mind was racing and I experienced a multitude of differing emotions that ran the gamut from immense joy to extreme fear!

Andrew: When I first woke up, I had this mixture of excitement and impatience, just like when you are a child and wake up on Christmas morning and can’t keep yourself in bed past 6am.  I knew that being able to marry Alexandra would be the greatest gift that I would ever receive, and when I woke up that morning I just wanted to get to the ceremony as quickly as possible!

ILS: What is the most valuable thing that Andrew/Alexandra has taught you?

Alexandra: Andrew has taught me innumerable things of value but the one that first comes to mind is not to sweat the small stuff and to focus on finding the humor in all things. He has brought immense peace and laughter into my life.

Andrew: The most valuable thing that Alexandra has taught me is to be more spontaneous and to live life more presently and emotionally.  There is a lot of truth that can be found in emotion and passion, and my life has become so much deeper and more meaningful as a result of what she’s taught me.

ILS: Describe your day in three words.

Alexandra: I only need one, transcendent.

Andrew: I can’t say it better than Alexandra did: Transcendent.

ILS: If forced to choose, what would you say was the highlight of your day?

Alexandra: The highlight wasn’t a moment it was just the fact of having everyone we care about all together in one place surrounding us with so much love and support. That said, watching Andrew’s face while I read my vows to him is a close second.

Andrew: The highlight of the day was seeing Alexandra in her dress for the first time as she walked down the aisle.  She’s never looked more beautiful, and I couldn’t have felt more lucky to be marrying her.

ILS: What else?

Alexandra: I could go on forever about how much I love Andrew, how wonderful he is, how much he’s done for me, how incredible the wedding was, all the special little details that went into it, seeing the speciality cocktails inspired by our pets, the making of my dress over the course of a full year, etc., etc.


Photos by Joanna Toto and Kelly Taub


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Cedar Lakes Estate
Event Coordination: Leslie Mastin Events
Floral Design: Lewis Miller Design
Catering: Cedar Lakes Estate
Cake: Ron Ben-Israel
Invitations, etc.: East Six
Lighting: EventLights Inc.
Sound: Surround It Now
Video: Adrian Toto for Ira Lippke Studios
Ceremony Music: Highline Quartet
Reception Music: Generation Events
Dress: Custom from Mark Ingram Atelier
Hair: Tamara Bosworth
Makeup: Anabelle LaGuardia

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