Adrian Toto – About

Adrian is a filmmaker, photographer and mustache haver. He speaks several languages, some of them useful. He’s been some places and seen some things, most of them pleasant. He likes to look at the stars and hopes they look back.

A geek by nature, training and sheer bad luck, Adrian was initially recruited by fashion photographers to harness technology and bend it to their will, usually by means of hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. He started shooting short clips and photographs behind the scenes at fashion photoshoots, simply to show off his “boring day at the office” to his 9-to-5, cubicle dwelling friends. Who knew they were actually going to be good?!

His filmmaking vision and timelapse skills were called upon to document behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week, for tongue-in-cheek fashion advertorials but also real life celebrations of real humans that sometimes eat real burgers. He is one of the few remaining masochists that are still willing to shoot Super 8mm film (when appropriate) for that wonderful, unmistakable and unrepentant look that no amount of digital effects can imitate.


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